Robust investment in research and development (R&D) by biopharmaceutical companies has resulted in advances and discoveries unlike anything we’ve seen before. In the last decade we have invested half a trillion dollars, and these investments are just beginning to pay off, opening the door to entirely new ways to tackle some of the most complex and difficult to treat diseases of our time. I

The progress we’re seeing today is revolutionizing how we treat disease, saving patients’ lives and improving quality of life and public health across a broad range of chronic and

rare conditions. In this new era of medicine, many diseases previously regarded as deadly are now manageable and even curable. And today, there are about 7,000 medicines in clinical development around the world. II Across the medicines in the pipeline, 74 percent in clinical development have the potential to be first-in-class treatments. III The future has never been brighter as researchers are exploring new frontiers that just a few years ago may have been regarded as science section, but are now transforming patients’ lives.

This new era of medicine isn’t just good news for our health— it’s good news for our health care system and society. New innovative medicines keep patients healthy and out of the hospital, reducing the need for costly emergency room visits, hospital stays, surgeries and long-term care, ultimately saving money for patients and the nation’s health system. (source:

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